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I graduated from Dorben polytechnic Abuja, Nigeria as a National diploma in Accounting, I was born in the home of three which am the only son I had a sweet grown up and memories which can not be forget easily though my life is full of stories and adventure which I don't think I can pull all here I spent the most of my youth age in Ondo State Nigeria where I learnt so much lesson about life .

Conversely, I know the actaul reason why I was been created because have never dreamt of becoming a writer but when I Look around my environment and I see alot and see the future of the youth changing day by day and so many other thing which make me to belive that I can make a Change in the society I start my writting with peot which took my to an area of imaginations, consideration the work of the nature I have write more than 40 peoms and 2 Books which the first is Overcoming the World of Lost, Life Structure so many things have happen which keeps me going in my dreams and many more to come. Right now am working with the Nigerian Law School in Abuja Fedral Capital Territoty of Nigeria... and still waiting for the result of my admission in to the University. so I can be able to enrol in a part-time course.

Furthermore, Am single never married and looking for someone serious to spend the rest of my life with a person that will take me for whom I am.....and I hope is U. Moreover, i am a person which always belief that you can reach the top without anybody because" persistence is the only thing can make the impossible possible and even make the possiblility definite" Hence am a loving reader of this Motivators God is my number 1 motivator the Alpha and the Omega who gives life and reigns forever then Zigzilar whose word Inspire me alot.

My Favorite Things To Do

Serverally, I never noticet thing could change about my life in my leasure time but when I started growing I really have passion for sport but now when am Adult their are somethings that we need to put in to consideration by means of one saying "Maturity is not all about providing needs for the family but it depend on how you help your crises when it come" maybe I should say right now I really have passion for any literary works which will help in improving my intelectuality in the sense of making me to grow higher;

These are few things that I always do when am bussy

Reading Motivational Books

Novels especially those by Williams Shakespear

Trys to be creative by writing poems through my imagination

Listenning to documentary and other thing which might be needed in my mental development